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Weight Management & Weight Loss Programs

At Texas Weight loss Center Austin, Houston, San Antonio & Missouri City, Texas, we strive to assist you in losing those extra pounds that could eventually shorten your life span. By drawing appropriate custom diet plans for you, we will show you how to eat properly. We will assist you with the appropriate medications, including phentermine that will control your appetite and also administer a fat burner injection to ameliorate your metabolism. Take action now toward good health by losing weight. Let us tell you about our weight loss program. Contact us today!
On your first visit, you will have your blood drawn to check your liver, kidney, and thyroid function. You will also have a medical consultation, B12 Injections and a diet menu.
If all preliminary tests and you’re screening physical exam are within normal limits, and we find no contraindications, we will provide you with a set of weight loss rules, lists of approved and non-approved foods, and, when indicated, a prescription for the appetite suppressant. In some instances, additional studies such as an EKG, will be necessary to ensure patient safety and medical thoroughness. These studies are not included in the initial fee.

From Missouri City to Champions Forest, We Have Locations All Around Austin, Houston, & San Antonio

All patients pay a first time consultation fee of $85-$95. Thereafter, visits are $70 per month.
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